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About ReadBeer

This thing is in beta. What you’re seeing was put together in about a weeks worth of spare development/cobbling time. Feel free to head to our contact form if you have problems with your feed being on this site or if you want to add your feed.

Or you can reach out to @beerinator on twitter to tell him your grievances or ideas.

Nerdy stuff:

ReadBeer scans rss feeds in the attempt to display beer news and content in a useful way. The point is to drive interested beer readers to content from across the web. The system scrapes content from an rss feed and uses that content to build a database of strong keywords with the goal of content matching with other beer related feeds. ReadBeer also grabs and rehost thumbnails of images found in the rss feeds. We’re only doing this because we do not want to hotlink images to sites out of concern for web traffic/bandwidth. We are also grabbing and storing as much content as is available in the rss feed, but we’re not displaying that content. Our goal is basically to direct people to as much beer related reading content as they can possibly handle.

We have built a redirect system to content that is tracking clicks and will be using that data to build confidence in sites/rss feeds and also show popular content. Currently the front page only has one column showing popular content based on clicks (top left four articles on front page). Everything else is a river of content based on when the source posted the content. This may change. At some point, we might make the whole top part of the site display based on number of clicks over the past X days or so.

We do have Popular Content and Popular Topic pages that are based on the link clicking and sharing system that has been built.

Anyway, feedback is requested if you have any.